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Tropical Storm Hermine's South Texas Path of Destruction
Tropical Storm Hermine, one of the most destructive Tropical Storms to affect the Rio Grande valley in over four decades, struck south Texas in September 2010, leaving a trail of hurricane damage in its wake. Hurricane force winds, heavy rains, and tornados uprooted trees, blew off roofs, flooded buildings, crashed boats onshore, and destroyed homes and businesses throughout the region. In addition to over $500 million in estimated property losses, Tropical Storm Hermine also caused extensive crop damage. In total, Texas suffered an estimated $1.5 billion in losses thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine's brief visit.

Tropical Storm Hermine's Insurance Claims Mess
If you lived in south Texas in Sept 2010, you know firsthand how destructive Tropical Storm Hermine was. Now that the water has receded and the bulk of the damage cleared away, the aftermath is far from over. Storm victims are still battling with insurance companies and contractors. Among the many battles are:

Do You Need a Tropical Storm Hermine Lawyer?
If you’re suffering from any of these Tropical Storm Hermine problems, contact an experienced Tropical Storm Hermine lawyer ASAP. You’ve been struggling long enough – and you have rights under Texas insurance laws. When you have a Tropical Storm Hermine lawyer on your side, you have an advocate who will stand up for you and make sure that your rights are protected and that your insurance company treats you fairly.

We understand Texas insurance law, which is extremely protective of consumers’ rights. Contact us today for a free, no obligation Tropical Storm Hermine consultation.